Summer and shortbread

Vanilla shortbread

Can I tell you a secret? I am totally over summer. Yes, I know, Danes are supposed to love summer, and we complain about  it not being summer the rest of the year, but seriously, this year summer sucks!
It has been windy and cold, and my brain decided towards the end of june that it was actually october and began planning christmas cookies, my birthday and New Years.
The weather is warmer now, but still incredibly windy, and if it sounds like a storm outside, it should really not be 24 degrees! (Celsius obviously)

So while I’m waiting for the seasons to catch up with my brain, I made shortbread. Teeny, tiny, vanilla-specked shortbread butterflies.
I used vanilla powder from ASA (whose shop in torvehallerne I absolutely love, and where I spend more money than I probably should.  But, spices! Also, their webshop delivers everywhere! ).
Also, I want to issue a fair warning: Tiny cookies are adorable and cute and an absolute pain to make, it takes forever. And if you (like I did) decide to use a tiny (fondant) plunge cutter, it will take even longer. But the cookies will look adorable. So if you dont have the time or patience, feel free to use a larger, less intricate cutter, I promise the cookies will be just as delicious!


200 g butter

80 g powdered sugar

½ tsp vanilla powder

a pinch of salt

280 g flour


Beat butter and sugar with the vanilla powder and salt.

Fold the flour into the butter mixture, form a disc of the dough and wrap in cling-film. Leave in the fridge for 10 minutes.

Roll out the dough (the thickness depends on how large cookies you want) and cut out the cookies.

Bake at 180 degrees Celsius 10-15 minutes until golden. Cool of on a rack.


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