Swedish Vanilla Sugar Cookies

A colleague of mine gave me a Swedish cookbook, The Swedish Smörgåsbord. It is a beautifully photographed book, about (you guessed it) the Swedish smorgasbord. It is a traditional Scandinavian meal, served as a warm and cold buffet. In Denmark it is usually referred to as “Det Kolde Bord” (The cold table) or “Det Store Kolde Bord” (The Big Cold Table).

The book describes the Swedish tradition, with eight “rounds”. The seventh round, Dessert, and eight round, Coffee, biscuits and confectionary, immediately drew my attention (Even though Brawn of home-killed pork also sparked my interest, mostly because I don’t usually kill my own pork).



I tried out the Vanilla horns, a very simple cookie. It is essentially Continue reading Swedish Vanilla Sugar Cookies

Homemade Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla sugar is the quintessential scented sugar. I keep a big glass of homemade vanilla sugar in my kitchen at all times, I never, ever use vanilla extract or essence, I use vanilla sugar instead. I know exactly what goes into making it, and I get all the lovely aromas from real vanilla, rather than mainly vanillin. (Did you know that vanillin is a phenolic aldehyde, and the most predominant of the vanilla flavours? It is also what cheap vanilla essence tastes and smells of, and what most vanilla ice cream tasted like when I was a child. Real vanilla has several hundred aromatics besides vanillin)


Luckily, it is both easy and cheap to make your own vanilla sugar, that you can use for years and years to come. Continue reading Homemade Vanilla Sugar

Wedding cake with beech leaves

A couple of weeks ago, my friend got married. It was a beautiful late spring wedding, it was warm and sunny, the church was lovely and the reception was held in an old train station (which my husband loved) decorated with beech branches.

I had been asked to bring the cake, and couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a wedding cake


As the premises were decorated with beech branches, the bride and groom decided on a simple cake design, with a white base and beech leaves ‘growing’ over the cake. Continue reading Wedding cake with beech leaves

What’s New!

Well, first the summer weather seemed to have left again, it was cold, gray and wet, but then summer came back!
We had a three day weekend,  where we had some family over for dinner, I spend an afternoon with some friends and we relaxed. Also, I bought a new bicycle, with electricity.


Kristian has planted a rosemary in a pot on our balcony, the one we had last year didn’t make it. He also planted three Continue reading What’s New!

What’s New!

So, it has been a while again. A whole month since last What’s New! post, but there have been a few cake posts since.

I spend a lot of time at work (not surprising with a full time job), and 2-3 hours a day commuting, that time in particular I can see a better use for, but that would involve moving.

I went to my cousins wedding a few weeks ago, the dinner and party was in a cabin in the middle of the woods. Lovely evening and I saw a badger! I don’t have a picture of the badger, because I was driving, but look at the pretty placecard!


We have a lot of holidays in the spring in Denmark, I spend one of them riding a Continue reading What’s New!