Apologies and Cookies

I know. I have been neglecting you. I’m sorry :( But my bachelor thesis is due, like, friday, and I have been (and still am) kind of stressed out… So I have not been baking as much as running around campus trying to finish everything, and bugging people with requests for help. I do that quite a lot. Last week two of the very nice Ph.D. students ended up spending most of theirĀ friday helping me. And when I say most of their friday, I mean we finished up at half past six. Friday night. And we had started before noon. That was kind of nice of them.

So I made them cookies!

I made glittery mask cookies, which were much appreciated (either that, or they were just very polite)

Red Mask

Pink Mask

Green Mask:

When I’m done with all this stress, I will return to (hopefully) entertain and inspire you :)

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