Christening Cake

A few weeks before Christmas, my friend asked me if I would make a cake for her baby boy’s christening.


Of course I jumped to the chance to decorate a cake, and she decided on a building block cake with a dash of chemistry.

Julius02The blocks spell out “BaBY”, with the combination of Barium, Boron and Yttrium (how can one not love chemistry?)




I also added a few baby details, a pacifier, a pair of baby shoes and a bottle, as well as a sugar figurine of the baby boy’s toy monkey (which looks almost identical to the one I has as a child).

Julius06Julius07Julius08 Julius09

The cake was mud cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate turtles, and because of inadequate planning on my side, the top third of the largest cake was filled with bubble wrap. (Don’t worry, there was more than enough cake for everyone)

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