About Miss Overballe

Hello there, I am Marie, the girl behind Miss Overballe. I began this blog in 2010, as an outlet for my passion for sugar as well as a place to share recipes. I live outside Copenhagen, Denmark with my husband (who originally suggested starting this blog), our cat and a baby on the way in a lovely house with a cake workshop kitchen in the basement, where I live out my sugary adventures.

I have a masters degree in chemistry and am currently working at a large pharmaceutical company (having no chemistry related tasks at all). However, I love chemistry, and this is probably the reason I love baking and working with sugar, it is chemistry in its most delicious form!

I collect baking and kitchen equipment as well as cookbooks, and I love Le Creuset kitchenware. I am somewhat nerdy with a passion for science, and this occasionally shines through in my cakes (though not always). I love reading, a number of tv series, photography, travelling, snow, rain, chocolate, Africa, december, christmas, sewing, blankets, cooking and disney movies.

If you want to know more about me, you can follow me on Facebook, on instagram (missoverballe), leave a comment on any post or use the contact form below :-)


Happy baking!

– Marie