White Chocolate Oreo Bark

Once again,
we return to oreos. Earlier, I’ve told about my love/dislike relationship with
the small, stuffed chocolate biscuits, but I do like baking with them. Today,
however, we are not baking. We are melting and cooling.

really isn’t a recipe for this, more like guidelines. Guidelines as in melt
chocolate, stir in broken oreos, spread on parchment paper, put in freezer or
fridge (depending on your patience),wait until firm, break into pieces and eat.
That kind of guidelines.

If you want
more exact guidelines, I used 50 g white chocolate and stirred in 6 broken
oreos. But really, anything works. I found that the white chocolate goes really
well with the oreos, the sweetness of the chocolate complements  the intense cocoa-ness of the biscuits. Yum.
It’s really too bad I already ate it all… :(

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