Peanutbutter Brownie

Peanutbutter and chocolate is an amazing combination. The salty peanut, and the rich chocolate, uhm… And how better to combine, than in a brownie!


115 g butter

180 g dark chocolate

75 g flour

1 tsk baking powder

½ tsk coarse salt

170 g sugar

3 eggs

2 tsk. vanilla sugar


4 spsk. butter

60 g confectionarys sugar

195 g peanutbutter (creamy or crunchy, your choice!)

½ tsk. coarse salt (seasalt is very nice)

1 tsk. vanilla sugar


Melt the chocolate with the butter, and allow to cool. Add the sugar, and beat in the eggs. Finally, mix in the dry ingredients.


Mix all the ingredients.

1/3 of the brownie batter is spread in a little roasting tin, or similar, buttered or parchmented. spread the peanutbutterfilling and the rest of the browniebatter on top, and run a fork through, to marble the cake. Bake at 160 degrees, for 45 minutes.


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