85th Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake for my beloved grandmother for her 85th birthday. This is a woman who has never, ever refused to take care of those who needed it. Her 6 children, their friends, their spouses, various animals (including, but not limited to, cats, guinea pigs, a seagull and a hedgehog) and 10 grandchildren and their various boy/girlfriends. If that doesn’t deserve a kick-ass cake, then I don’t know what does!

Actually making the cake required a larger effort than usually, as I couldn’t make it at home (then I would need to transport at 3 hours by train, not really an option). I ended up borrowing the kitchen of my uncle and aunt (who are due many thanks for their patience), and was aided by my boyfriend and my sister (the first washed the dishes, the second assisted with the decorating). The cake spend the night in the fridge (once again thanks to my uncle and aunt for their patience, I had to remove the shelces in the fridge…). The day after, the day of the party, another uncle picked me and the cake up, and, taking a detour to avoid speed bumps, we arrived safely! Baking, preparing the sugar flowers and decorating the cake took something like 6 hours, with help from my sister and boyfriend, but the expression on my grandmothers face upon seeing the cake was worth every minute!

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