Chocolates with whisky syrup

It is no secret that I enjoy making chocolates. In December I got a new chocolate mould (roses) and I have been waiting for an opportunity to use it. The opportunity presented itself Sunday, when I found myself with a newly cleaned kitchen, chocolate to spare and a friend’s birthday on Monday. The friend in question is, maybe, the primary reason I ended up spending quite a lot of money on a dSLR camera.  I am very grateful for this, as I love my camera :)

I wanted to make the chocolates with a filling he would enjoy, so I went with whisky. I made whisky syrup from my cheap blend, because I knew that he might be slightly upset if I used an expensive whisky. (He is also the primary reason that my boyfriend has more than one quite expensive whisky in our cupboard)

The syrup was easy to make, and I will definitely try it out with other alcohols as well (Dark rum syrup??) but for now, the recipe for the whisky syrup will do.

50 ml whisky

50 g sugar

Pour whisky and sugar into a casserole, and bring to a boil. Reduce the volume to ½-2/3, and let it cool. The reducing will determine the thickness of the syrup. I reduced mine to about half the volume, and ended up with a recrystallizing syrup, which gave the chocolates an interesting crunch, but probably wouldn’t be ideal for pouring over ice-cream.

Once again, happy birthday TB :)

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