Brownie caramel cookies and a baby

So! Three months since my last post, and the main news is the baby. Our little T was born May 31st (I’ll spare you the details) and has been keeping us busy since – I am writing this, with him half asleep on my torso. He is healthy, eats and sleeps, and we really can’t complain, but he does fill our days! I am incredibly privileged that my husband has taken paternity leave the first nine weeks after the birth, it is so great being two people with an infant.

But, my baking has been suffering, I have not baked since little T got here, so I have found a great recipe in the archives, from back when the blog was in Danish (I have a stash of old recipes I never got around to translating).

Please apologize the crappy, “pre-dSLR camera and food photography knowledge” picture!

[yumprint-recipe id=’1′]

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