Wedding Cake with Doves

So, I was in Scotland (let me just tell you, this is how ALL good stories begin…). I was in Scotland with my boyfriend and some friends, and we were on this really beautiful island Islay, staying at this really nice inn. Sitting down to dinner, I realised I had a lost call on my phone, and checked my voicemail. The caller was a woman who had been to the party where my World Cake was served, and she wanted to know is I could make a cake for her wedding (2 weeks later).

When it comes to cakes, I cannot resist a challenge,  so I said yes (obviously). We discussed the cake, and settled on birthday cake with chocolate ganache and raspberry cream. She wanted hearts, more hearts and doves on the top. Here is what I came up with:

I modelled the doves by hand, in fondant with gum-tex.

Aren’t they cute?

I ended up being really satisfied with the cake (and more importantly, so did the bride and groom!)

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