A Long Overdue Update, A Good Cause and No-Churn Speculoos Ice Cream (No Machine Needed)

Is anybody still out there? It has been a month since my last post, but I’ll try to come back on track (again).

Since last time I posted I passed my exam and Kristian and I announced our engagement! This will be no news if you know me IRL (rather, you might be sick and tired of the wedding talk, but lets be realistic, it won’t be over anytime soon) but there might also be a bit of wedding talk on the blog here.

In other news, my sister is graduating from Royal Holloway with a bachelor’s degree in theatre! After the graduation ceremony she’ll move back to Denmark and begin on her Master’s! Aaaand, she is trying to raise money for Refugee Youth Project so she can go to Nepal to work with refugee children! If you think its a cause worth supporting, you should go to this site and read more about it!

Since summer has hit Denmark, I thought a reprise on the no-machine ice cream I made with lemon curd some weeks back! I made the ice cream with speculoos spread (also known as cookie butter or biscoff) It is a spread (kind of like Nutella) made of cinnamon cookies (known as bastogne biscuits in Denmark). The spread is not available in Denmark, but can be purchased from amazon (link below). In place of the cookie spread, crushed bastogne biscuits would be great!

speculoos ice cream

500 ml whipping cream

397 g condensed milk (one can)

Seeds of 1 vanilla bean

10 tbsp. cookie butter or 10 crushed bastogne biscuits

Scrape the vanilla bean and add the seeds to the cream. Then whip the cream into fairly stiff peaks and fold in the condensed milk. Pour the mixture into a container, and swirl the cookie butter (or the crushed biscuits) into the mixture (how much you swirl is a matter of taste). Cover with a lid or plastic wrap, and place in the freezer for at least 6 hours. Enjoy!

Cookie Butter can be found in Normal

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