Baking Book Review – Frostings

Ok, lets pretend that this post was up this morning, rather than tonight… I came a bit behind on my blogging schedule, and I have to catch up now. So, another monday, another book review!

Frostings by Courtney Dial Whitmore

IMG_0122 Todays book is all about frostings!

I have to admit, mostly I’m a “cake person” rather than a “frosting person”. I prefer cake. I often prefer icing to frosting, but frosting does look so very pretty, and some frostings really are delicious.

This browned butter frosting sounds very interesting!


And this white chocolate frosting looks amazing!


And the rich chocolate frosting looks just about right for eating with a spoon covering a delicious cake!


The book is gorgeous and filled with interesting recipes and creative frosting flavours, and I really like it. A must-have for any Frosting-lover, and a fun book for anyone who likes baking and wants to mix their frosting up a bit :)

Stay tuned for a new post and recipe on wendesday!

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