Fall and Colours

Fall is upon us. I actually quite like fall. The beautiful colours, red, gold, green. Walking in the woods, enjoying the colours, and the cool wind. Cosying up in sweaters and scarves when outside, cosying in blankets and duvets, drinking tea, eating cake and reading when inside… (I’m not sure cosying is a real word, but you get the picture, right?)

Fall also provides opportunity for taking beautiful pictures… Also, fall is a great time for indoor activities (in the kitchen). An example of these indoor activities could be making rainbow donuts. I promised my cousin we would make rainbow donuts, and his younger sister wanted to help, so the three of us went into the kitchen (that my aunt had spent most of the day cleaning, I’m sorry…), and we made donuts!┬áThe recipe for these donuts will be posted soon, but first I want to show the pictures from the making of rainbow donuts :)

Only a little bit of a mess :)

Green glaze :)

Red glaze :)

I’m kinda impressed with his donut glazing skills :)

Rainbow donuts! The not-pink ones are decorated by my eldest cousin (I got the feeling he didn’t like the pink glaze?) and the ones with pink on them are decorated by his little sister (who definately didn’t mind the pink!)

I didn’t decorate any donuts, I snapped pictures and ate donut holes with cinnamon sugar…

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