What’s New! End of year edition 2016

2016 certainly was an eventful year, even if this is not reflected in the blog.

I have tried to make semi-regular updates on what is going on, even when recipes and cake pictures don’t always make the cut.

Today I will make kind of an end-of-year summary, and try to make my New Years resolution to update more on the blog.

I decided to make a “Top Ten” over stuff that happened in 2016 that made me happy, in no particular order.

1 – Honeymoon!

We took our honeymoon trip in February to Cape Verde! We spend a week on Boavista, which can be read about here.


2 – New job for my husband!

My husband got a new job this summer, which has been good. Even though it is a temporary position, it is good (not only because it is right next to where I work, so we can commute together :) )


3 – Masters degree for my sister!

My sister finished her Masters thesis and got her degree with top marks! We are so proud of her :)


4 – New house!

We bought a house! A lovely house, close to where I work!


5 – Kittens!

We are getting kittens in January! We are so excited for Euler and Curie (Yes, that’s what we’re naming them) to move in. We went to visit them, and they were soooo cute!


6 – 3 weddings!

We attended 4 weddings this year! (And I got to make 2 of the cakes! The robot chemistry cake and the beech leaf cake)

7 – 30th birthday!

I celebrated my 30th birthday in our new house with friends and family and had an amazing day.

8 – Christmas!

I love Christmas! This was the first year my husband spend Christmas with my family, so that was fun as well. (Even if we did freak the cat out dancing around the Christmas tree)


9 – Other people!

2016 has been a year of people finishing their educations, getting married, getting jobs, buying houses, getting babies (or getting pregnant) and getting pets! So much exciting stuff has happened for people I know!


10 – Listening to the heartbeat

I’m pregnant, with due date late may 2017. Hearing the heartbeat at the ultrasound, and seeing the tiny creature (and counting the fingers on each hand) was amazing. It almost made all the nausea and exhausted-ness go away. Almost.

So I am getting fat :)

I am not planning on turning this space into a mommy-blog, but I hope to share more recipes in 2017!

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