Baking Book Review – The Miette Bakery Cookbook

Whoops! I totally forgot to post a book review yesterday. It has been a Holiday weekend in Denmark (Pentecost) and having monday off has thrown me of my rythm. So, let’s look at a book!


If I ever go to San Fransisco, I want to visit Miette Bakery. But until such money comes my way (travelling is, sadly, expensive), I have to settle for recreating the iconic cakes of this sweet bakery in my own kitchen. Meg Ray from Miette Bakery has generously shared the bakery recipes in a book, for all of us too far from San Francisco to visit! The Miette Bakery Cookbook is full of lovely recipes and gorgeous pictures! From the lemon debutante cake…


… to the princess cake (a take on the classic swedish prinsesstårta)…


… and the lovely bumblebee cake!


The book is beautifully done, with mouthwatering Pictures. If you are looking for a beautiful, dainty cookbook with delicious recipes, you won’t go wrong with this one – did I mention the bubbly edge on the pages?

Find it here:



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