Baking Book Review – Meringue Girls Cookbook

Monday again! Today is all about meringue, with the Meringue Girls Cookbook! This book popped up as a suggestion on amazon last summer, and I instantly added it to my shopping cart. I have a weakness for cookbooks that focus on a single type of ingredient or cake (in this case meringues), and the colourful cover was enough to make me fall love immediately. IMG_0126 Alex and Stacey, the women behind the book guides the reader through the process of meringue making, and with a ground recipe for meringue they provide fabulous ideas and recipes, and produce the most beautiful meringues in the most amazing colours, such as the Rainbow Wedding Tier below, so beautiful! IMG_0127 They also incorporate the Rainbow colours on one of the most original takes I have seen on a Barbie Cake! IMG_0128 The Rainbow Layer Cake below is equally gorgeous (can you tell I am slightly obsessed with rainbows?) IMG_0129 Besides all the gorgeous Rainbow meringues they also cover flavouring meringues as well as recipes where meringue plays a part, such as the cookie dough meringue slices below.


This cookbook is fun, colourful and definately worth owning if you like meringues!

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