Quietness and books

So, once again, I have been MIA. The reason for this is, still, my working full time before returning to the university in september (For which I am SO ready!). I seem to use all my energy while at work, and despite my best intentions, I can’t seem to muster the energy to bake when I come home, and the weekends have been event-packed, so no baking there either. But since I don’t like neglecting my blog, I thought we could have a little, recipe-less, talk, a chance to tell you a bit about myself.

I am a collecter. I collect stuff. Collecting stuff is my weakness.

I collect Disney and Pixar Blu-Rays. (I want a full collection!)

I collect Le Creuset Stoneware, especially cocottes. (I want a cocotte in every colour, and I have all the (in Denmark) available colours at the moment)

I collect cake tins, tools and stuff (owning at the moment enough to fill 4 moving boxes)

I collect Trivial Pursuit boardgames (having 6 board games, one “mini game” and a card game)

I collect cookie cutters (lets not even go there)

I collect kitchen equipment (does that count? I mean, it practical and everything??)

I collect jewellery (but that is not so systematic)

I collect Donald Duck magazines and books (have been since the age of 5)

I collect The Sims PC games (Having a full collection of The Sims and The Sims 2, now working on The Sims 3)

I collect camera equipment (that is an expensive collection…)

But my greatest weakness… I collect books. I love books. love love love books. I have many novels. But I only still collect a few series, owning a kindle really helped with that, now I just need to finish my collections of a few series (nothing major, Wheel of Time, Ladies Detective Agency No. 1 and such). Now I mainly by e-books for my kindle, instead of hardcopies (unless it is a really good book), which saves a lot of room. Bus some books are not meant for e-books. Like books about photography. I think I collect those as well, I mean, I only have 3 at the moment, but I would like more… But my most impressive collection is… Cookbooks. I love cookbooks. I read cookbooks, and I have 120+. I do not have enough shelf space, but I will be buying more when I can afford them.

I sort of divide my cookbooks into categories. A main category would be Food. Under Food, would be Pasta (I own 4 cookbooks solely about pasta), but could also be types of cuisine etc. Another main category would by Baking. Under Baking would be Bread, Cakes, Desserts, Candy etc. Under Cakes, would be Cookies, Cupcakes, Cakes, Cake Decorating, and of course many cookbooks are hybrids between several categories. Another category would be Nigella Lawson. I love her cookbooks, my first Cake-Cookbook was “How To Be A Domestic Goddess”, bought in a wierd bookstore in Accra, Ghana. (Incidently a different wierd bookstore than the other wierd bookstore where several of my other cookbooks are purchased). Someday I plan to bake my way through it. You know, skipping all the recipes with fruit in them.

As mentioned I own lots of cookbooks. And some of them are excellent, and some are okay, and some are a waste of money. But looking at my shelves with cookbooks, remembering the places I bought them and the recipes they have provided me makes me happy. Want to see?

Bread, Desserts and Candy:

Cookies and Cupcakes:


Nigella Books (and Cake Related Magazines):

Cake Decorating:

A Danish Cookbook Series and Blogger Cookbooks (And Ladurée, because I lack space):

And I have more cookbooks, different places… I you would like to now my opinion about any of these cookbooks (or recommend me new ones!) please comment :)

I promise I will be back with recipes soon!!


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