Late Birthday Party

Yes, I know, I missed my own blog birthday… But sometimes things happen outside blogland (outrageous, I know), and you miss important, blog-related stuff.

However, I have not forgot about my blog-birthday-giveaway!

So, I brought the cake, as seen above. It is a vanilla cake (recipe will come) with caramel frosting and a chocolat ganache (and it tasted absolutely wonderful!).

Freja brought bithday buns with butter and little danish flags in them (yum)

Liv brought hot chocolate with whipped cream (yum)

Kristin brought lots of colours! (yay)

Since I sort of dislike choosing between such nice guests, I decided to let do it for me…

Aaand the winner iiiiis…





Congratulations :)


Stay tuned for cake recipes, ice cream recipes, candy recipes and so much more fun :)

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