Hello :) how are you? I would like to invite you all to a birthday party! A virtual birthday party, for Miss Overballe :) 26th of April will be the 2nd birthday of my blog, and should be celebrated appropriately with cake (for me) and presents (for you)!

I hope you want to participate in my virtual birthday party! All you have to do is leave me a comment below, saying what you would like to bring to this virtual party :) I will, of course, supply a cake, but feel free to bring anything you like :) By participating, you also have a chance of being the lucky recipient of the birthday gift(s)! How the recipient will be chosen is yet to be determined (though random drawing is a likely option).

So, I hear you wondering what the birthday gift consists of. Well, I’m so glad you asked! With my ongoing love for cake stands, I have found this one:

Which one of you will recieve :) along with various other things cake-oriented. Also, a set of 12 decorated cookies, in a theme you get to chose.

So! I’m looking forward to the party, and I hope you all want to come!! Everyone is invited to the party, but only people located in Denmark can get the present, due to the horrible price of shipping stuff (You must be able to pick the present up in either Copenhagen or, at some point, in Aarhus).

To participate, your comment must be left to this post, no later than April 25th, 23:59 (GMT +2)

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